2D and 3D Design

2D and 3D Design

Technology has revolutionized they way companies and individuals showcase their ideas and plans with the use of detailed and quality designs of 2D and 3D modeling. All for two main reasons, to beat the competition and keep expanding. This advanced technology makes it easy to construct your concept using some specific color, measurements, texture, and other variables to come up with a 2D or 3D dimensional figure. 2D and 3D modeling have become among the most important part in the design process because it allows you to evaluate your product before manufacturing.

We have a team of creative designing experts who can take care of your 2D plans or concepts to be represented in the most appropriate and understandable 3D modeling. We have been helping business owners, entrepreneurs and people like you in turning their ideas into reality and plans into action through the development of high-quality 3D models.

Our creative designers have a good understanding of what needs to be done when it comes to representing your creation or winning idea in a 3D product. The team knows well how to represent different kinds of products such as the colors, measurements, tolerances, materials and other information defined in an existing 2D model (if any).

Inventus freelance 2D and 3D modelers will create the best 3D product using top software in the market. Thus, targeting a larger market will be a lot easier for you and your business.

The entire Inventus team is committed to providing the results you’re aiming for. So if you need quality 2D and 3D modeling or conversion of 2D figures to 3D models, we’ve got you covered. We offer our services at a fraction of the cost with the same quality as other EU companies.

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